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Occupying the headlining slot, Roberta Sparrow unleashed the type of performance that the crowd which had quietly filed in throughout the night was anticipating.
Almost immediately, it was clear that the local hardcore punk act (which formed after the demise of Vice Dolls) was exactly what the two opening bands aspired to be: polished, well-rounded musicians.
Despite having only three members, Roberta Sparrow oozed greater stage presence than the more populated groups which had preceded them, anchored by drummer Greg Jaeger who impressively balanced his frenetic drumming with lead vocalist duties.
Aiming not to simply generate the most noise possible and couple it with mindless screaming, the trio injected a generous sampling of melody (of both the vocal and instrumental sort) into its heavy arrangements and at times nicely offset the unrelenting sonic attack with sing-along gang vocals and quieter bridges.
The group also seemed determined to maintain its tough guy image in the face of a maturing musical approach, at one point daring the crowd to mock a new song that featured a slower pace with poppier elements which made it more reminiscent of Rise Against than Bane.
After almost 45 minutes of churning out energetic anthems and nearly exhausting their catalog of songs, about the only feat the band was unable to pull off was organizing a circle pit around a metal table in front of the stage.
An act that would have added a visual element to the cyclical end of summer the night represented.

Chris Hassen: