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From the ashes of Vice Dolls, comes Roberta Sparrow... Founded by former members of central Illinois hardcore/punk band, the Vice Dolls(Jaeger/former member: Cody Pruitt), and an ex-member of Champaign punk quartet, Decimation(Scofield), Roberta Sparrow does not fade in light of past accomplishments. Hailing from their hometown of Champaign, IL, Roberta Sparrow has thrived since its conception in 2004. The band tours as much as possible and have recorded with Matt Talbot of Hum at Great Western Recording studio. The bands blend of hardcore, punk, and DIY work ethic has kept the spirit of Midwest Punk/Hardcore alive. Bassist Brandon Roberts and Guitarists Justin Scofield blend their distinctive styles and voices to create a unique combination that defines Roberta Sparrow’s original sound. And just recently we have added Andrew Hajduch (formerly from The KOBANES/Burninators on drums and his fast aggressive and technical style of drumming has added a new flair to the sparrow sound. And you will find the old drummer behind the lead mic and playing second guitar. With this new line up we have just finished recording a new full length at Encapsulated Recording Studio in St Louis slated to be released on April of 2016